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Cedar Valley Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Come HANG with the good guys, we're working to save lives.

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" Best service from start to finish, with commitment to quality of work and putting customer satisfaction first"
- Ray Shipp 38 years of experience with fire protection services.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems help save lives, so let us help you save your future and investments.
Cedar Valley Automatic Fire Sprinklers is a business whose operations specialize in the Fire Protection industry. Based out of Waterloo, Cedar Valley Automatic Fire Sprinklers intends to provide a reliable service, cost competitive prices and knowledgeable expertise. Cedar Valley Automatic Fire Sprinklers strives to excel in the Fire Protection business by providing professional fire safety sprinklers that will protect lives and investments from fires. We will maintain high standards to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and will meet the requirements of our demanding clientele.

Cedar Valley Automatic Fire Sprinklers main product line consists of Automatic fire sprinkler protection and our primary service consists of Installation of fire sprinkler systems, Service and maintain fire sprinkler systems, Inspection of fire sprinkler systems and Design of fire sprinkler systems. Cedar Valley Automatic Fire Sprinklers will maintain affordable prices. Also, we will comply with all requirements and regulations.
Cedar Valley Automatic Fire Sprinklers will remain focused on providing customer support and after sale service by providing an excellent service and being committed to offering quality and putting customer satisfaction first. We will include a 1 year warranty after finished product and will offer required Inspections services.
Since 1874, when the first closed head fire sprinkler was created and installed by Henry S. Parmemlee they have been helping to save the things you care about the most.
Cedar Valley Automatic Fire Sprinklers
3345 University Avenue
Waterloo, IA 50701
Phone: (319) 415-2424
Fax: (319) 833-0436
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Installation, Maintenance & Inspections of Fire Sprinkler Systems.

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